Trust is a powerful force these days. Gushing reviews on TripAdvisor will probably shape your next holiday. Plentiful eBay star ratings could influence the source of your next electronic item. And how well you behaved on your last lift home may dictate which Uber driver arrives to collect you now.

The internet has commoditised trust, with positive ratings and reviews a valuable asset in the new economy. Endorsements are all the more powerful when they come from within your network, whether that’s real friends or seemingly affiliated online communities.

It’s hardly a surprise, then, that product reviews are such an important consideration when making shopping purchases. A poll of over 11,000 women by Influenster shows the ways in which women leverage social media and reviews to make their purchasing decisions. It’s important to note how significant the mobile phone is here: 67% of reviews are sought on-the-go, which opens up great possibilities to retailers that can respond.

infographic: How women use online reviews to shop
Source: Influenster


Tan Allaway

Tan Allaway is a former editor of PwC’s Digital Pulse.

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