One of the most frustrating tasks for any business undergoing digital change is shifting their communication focus to a new generation which speaks and receives information in very different ways.

While those aged over 40 and 50 undoubtedly have plenty of experience in becoming digitally equipped, it’s the millennial generation that wields the consumer power of the future. They have grown up with the internet – their entire method of consuming content and products is through a digital lens.

Just as we’ve pointed out in our “Always-On Customer” report, the perception of brand among millennials is shifting. Businesses are one entity across multiple channels, whether it be online, in store, and on social media. Customers expect the same experience, or at least, an awfully similar one, across those different touching points. The only difference is how they’re built for convenience – how I want to shop online is different than if I want to be in a store. But those opportunities must be offered as being equally valid.

Perhaps equally important are the ways in which millennials consume information and content. As the infographic below shows, millennials have discarded traditional channels and are dependent more on visual media more than ever:

  • 72% use free streaming services including Hulu, along with established channels like YouTube
  • 60% use subscription video services including Hulu and Netflix
  • The average millennial spends five hours a day on a variety of social networks

Communicating with millennials is a window inside to how businesses should be operating now and in the future. Take a glimpse at the connected, always-on customer: