There are plenty of examples of amazing technologies that haven’t quite lived up to their science fiction predictions. Autonomous vehicles are a time-honoured action movie staple, and while they are now entering the real world, we are still a ways off everyday use. Virtual reality is finally at the level that many of us imagined when ‘VR’ was ‘invented’ in the 70s, but people hardly live in the immersive virtual world of a Star Trek holodeck.

So how can businesses prepare for a future that may or may not come true? The below infographic from Futurism details many speculative tech breakthroughs that could grace the years to come. Many of these will have business implications, from the enhancement of customer experience to the creation of entirely new industries.

Without a time-machine (one of those things that is still yet to pan out) it’s hard to say that executives should be putting all their eggs into a basket of the next wave of emerging tech that could transform the way they work. Yet, as we’ve seen, many businesses are slow to invest in the creation of new value.

So rather than pinning hopes to a technology that may or may not come to fruition, it’s time to invest in the value that organisations want to achieve. With a future experience in mind, technologies can be integrated into the plan as and when they become a reality.