It may be surprising to learn that email predates the modern web. Decades before the world fully got on board the information superhighway (as it was then often known), Ray Tomlinson sent the first email message in 1971, selecting the ‘@’ symbol to signify an email address¹.

More than 45 years later, the world continues to embrace the email communication standard. Surveying 1,000 office workers across the UK, France and Germany, this infographic from Adobe puts into focus email’s lasting presence in our personal and professional lives. Revealing the different emailing habits across the three countries, in particular it shows how emojis have markedly changed the contents of electronic messaging in a very short time.

Other insights include:

  • France is the leading email addict, spending nearly a hundred days of the year interacting with the inbox.
  • Continental Europeans are more willing to use emojis in their personal messages, leading the British by 11%.
  • The British are serial weekend workers, engaging in more than twice as many emails over the weekend than the French and Germans.
email survey


Source: Adobe