While Google and Amazon continue with their pursuit of drones to carry out commercial deliveries, other industries are already using the technology.

This infographic highlights the various applications for drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles.

Often used by hobbyists and commercial enterprises for their ability to capture photographs and videos from a height, they are increasingly being equipped with sensors and other equipment so that they can measure and analyse information in multiple, often hard-to-reach locations.

From aiding search-and-rescue missions or assessing damage after a natural disaster, such as in the 2015 Nepal earthquakes, to filming sporting events – which, some suggest, will become a prevalent method for sports photography – there is no doubt that the impact of the technology is already making itself felt.

The economic value attributed to the drone industry can appear to vary widely between sources, largely because of the range of drone categories and definitions, from non-military, to consumer to commercial. However what’s certain is that the technology is moving quickly and consumer and business appetite is on the rise. Where will we see drones hovering next?


Infographic: drones