As outlined in our recently published report The new wave of business: Embracing the ‘always on’ customer, we’ve identified four digital megatrends that are driving increasingly mercurial consumer behaviour: social, mobile, analytics and cloud.

Beyond just the technology advancements, it is what these digital megatrends enable individuals to do that is really promoting their adoption and proliferation. Being able to easily connect and share information with others through social networks, the convenience of being accessible no matter where and what you are doing through mobile devices, having a truly unique and personalised experience based on behavourial data aggregated and made sense of through analytics and finally being able to easily store and retrieve information on any device via the cloud.

The below infographic highlights some interesting stats and fact about these megatrends with particular reference to the Australian market.

How are you factoring the digital megatrends into your business strategy?

Infographic - Digital megatrends driving the 'always on' customer

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Nirosha Methananda

With a marketing and communications background, Nirosha is the former marketing lead for PwC’s Technology Consulting services.

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