The PwC Digital IQ Survey seeks to understand what it takes for a business to ensure that digital investments deliver and sustain value. To do this, we surveyed almost 2,000 executives from around the globe to uncover the ten digital behaviours that correlate with strong financial performance. These attributes are related to strategy through to innovation and execution and help to provide a benchmark of what it means to be digitally ‘healthy’.

In this week’s infographic we look at the key findings from the 2015 report to build a picture of Australia’s approach to digital initiatives. The Digital IQ results for Australia show that digital confidence is lower here than elsewhere. Although Australia beats the global average in five of the ten attributes, its overall score* falls short of both the global average and those businesses classed as ‘top performers’.

Australia does, however, align with its global peers in employing digital innovation primarily to drive revenue growth for the existing business. Is it time for us to adopt a more ambitious approach to disruption?

* Overall score is calculated by weighting and normalising the ten attributes.

PwC Digital IQ 2015 Australia - infographic


John Riccio

John is a former partner at PwC Australia and the founder of Digital Pulse.

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