Let’s hear it for great design. Think about Nike’s logo, Apple Mac computers, the Eames chair… the principles behind such creations captured the purpose and the imagination of their audience like few of their contemporaries could.

The value of impactful and innovative design increases in line with the opportunities for creative output. Businesses now have a range of customer-facing platforms, from print products to websites, mobile apps, social media sites and more. So do their competitors, which is why stand-out, utilitarian design can make the difference.

This infographic by Coastal Creative looks at some of the more popular design trends for 2016. The appetite for video content is well documented, but now videos are demanding a greater portion of screen space and play time. Flat design does away with the drop shadows that were once such an iconic element of digital art.

Overall minimalism not only falls in line with fashion, but is important in assisting the user experience. Card based interfaces, such as Pinterest, are also a way to help the user navigate your content and digest information more easily. And with so much content on offer, the more appetising it looks, the greater the chances of consumption. How are you designing to entice your customer?

Design trends 2016 infographic