As you will have noticed, or will be noticing now (surprise!), we launched our new and improved Digital Pulse website late last year. We wanted a modern site for the publication that fits in with our global branding and is easier to navigate.

Design isn’t just cosmetic these days. Having the right look online is key to sending the appropriate messages to your consumers, particularly in sectors that rely heavily on image such as retail, hospitality or marketing.

This year’s design trend predictions follow on from their 2017 inceptions and should be familiar to those of you currently working with a public-facing brand. If not, it might be time to ask if you need a refresh to ensure you keep delighting eyeballs.

High on the agenda for this year are colours and imagery that stand out, showing your audience that you aren’t corporate or staid. Bold typographic fonts, particularly those that intersect with graphics and shapes, retro-modern illustrations, bright and creative backgrounds and patterns are all in the mix.

2018, the year of fun? Looks good!