An increasingly popularised term in marketing circles, content marketing is becoming a key part of the marketing mix. Following on from the recent Interactive Minds event which delved into this topic, we’ve pulled together the below infographic that outlines some key facts and stats about this discipline.

Not a new proposition, content has always been central to marketing in one form or another… however through online channels the delivery of content, its relevance and context of delivery will be a key differentiator. Something else that is critical to content marketing, but often forgotten is that it’s about ‘the art of communicating without selling’ and ‘making the buyer more intelligent’.

In justification of our earlier article, ‘Is image everything in digital marketing‘, it seems that the types of content that have the best results with consumers are those that are image and multi-media based, with 90% of information transmitted to the brain being visual!

Enabling significant savings (62% less cost than traditional marketing), content marketing can provide return on investment and business benefits on a number of fronts, including: improved consumer and brand sentiment, growth of digital footprint, providing rich data and increased lead generation opportunities.


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Nirosha Methananda

With a marketing and communications background, Nirosha is the former marketing lead for PwC’s Technology Consulting services.

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