Many organisations are now aware of the importance of content marketing to drive value. It presents business with a way to showcase their expertise, build trust among customers and organically increase SEO. The strategic creation and curation of any type of content to engage with an audience is invaluable for creating a connection and bringing life to your brand.

What flavour should your content take? As this infographic by Outbrain illustrates, content comes in all shapes and sizes and brands should be aiming for a mix of different types for their content strategy to resonate.

Smaller morsels such as social media posts or infographics will whet the appetite and garner interest in your content, but after that little taster, what’s next for your customer? You’ll want to give them something a bit more substantial so, as with any good meal, they come away feeling satisfied.

There are pros and cons to all different types of content, which is why a combination is crucial. Think of content like a menu. When dining out with friends, the more options available, the better the chances of everyone’s dietary requirements and tastebuds being satisfied.

Bon appetit!

Infographic: The perfect content marketing recipe
Source: Outbrain