The internet of things is transforming healthcare, with medical devices becoming increasingly connected to the internet and each other. The benefits of connected healthcare technology are enormous, offering medical professionals remote, real-time access to in-depth patient health data. This in turn allows for better monitoring, remote diagnosis, quicker response times and more.

Meanwhile, in this race to develop smart, networked healthcare devices, there remain security concerns.  The depth of adequate safeguards in IoT enabled devices vary wildly however strong security protocols will no doubt become an increasingly attractive market differentiator since security breaches pose a great threat to patients, sales and reputation.

Issues, says this infographic by TÜV SÜD, are largely related to device security, software safety or data privacy. With the consequences possibly being loss of millions of valuable data records, extortion, not to mention fatalities – connected healthcare is an area that requires considerable attention.

Connected healthcare infographic
Source: TUV SUD