With an estimated 220 million connected cars on the road by 2020 and the market growing at ten times the speed of overall car market, the driver of the future will be doing a lot more than just surfing internet radio while on the road.

More and more vehicles are being equipped with internet-enabled hardware, meaning car dashboards can be operated like a smartphone app.

With connectivity comes the Internet of Things – a network of devices that communicate with each other. Your car could automatically notify the dealership when it is has driven enough miles to warrant a service. It could interact with ‘smart’ traffic lights to influence traffic flow or with speed sensors to maintain a safe cruising speed. It could even become an extension of the office, allowing you to surf the internet or hold a video conference while being autonomously driven to your next meeting.

What do consumers want to see in connected vehicles? How do they expect to pay for it? And which enterprises are driving the technology? This infographic by Business Insider collates research on connected cars to reveal how the market is expected to perform over the next five years.

The Connected Car Market infographic BI Australia


John Riccio

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