Research from recruitment company Hudson on the state of hiring for technology and digital jobs in 2017 reveals some interesting statistics. For example, only a quarter of digital employees are planning to stay in their current jobs. Almost half of the market is open to new opportunities, something that should have employers on high alert.

Perhaps most interestingly though, is the difficulty that employers are having when it comes to finding candidates with relevant soft skills. While many of the skills wanted by those hiring are highly STEM-heavy, it is innovative and critical thinking, change and stakeholder management, and a drive for results that are most sought after when it comes to soft skills.

Our own research backs this up, particularly as the workforce moves into a greater period of automation. PwC’s 20th CEO Survey found that executives needed to focus on their business’s ‘human system’ when looking for value, because it’s the human skills that can’t be automated, such as emotional intelligence, creativity and adaptability.

In a similar vein, our Workforce of the Future report noted that in an automated world human skills will still be valuable. In fact, it advised business to “strengthen innovation, creativity, empathy and leadership capabilities in your business alongside critical technology skills”.

As hiring managers look to diversify the mix of roles and skills in the workplace, it makes sense for potential candidates to start adding as many (soft) arrows to their quiver as they can.

Infographic: Calling all soft skills


Source: Hudson