Putting together a successful email campaign is a craft: it often demands compelling imagery, command of a suitably sophisticated platform to build and send, a plentiful subscriber list, a splash of email marketing nous and, of course, valuable content to direct the audience to.

It’s no good investing in sending an email without paying attention to maximising its return. When is the best time to land in your audience’s inbox? There’s no definitive answer: optimal send times vary by recipient, industry and context.

Some email platforms have sharpened their ability to strike at the right moment by adopting a data-driven approach. Having built a picture of their actual customers over time, they can adjust send schedules to suit their preferences.

On the whole, though, marketers start with instinct and a little help from various reports on the subject. This infographic by Propeller has examined a range of studies to suggest the preferable moments to reach business and consumer customers.

Every audience is different, so email marketers should experiment with their own particular lists. Adjust the times, or even the days, that a campaign goes out, and track the analytics to build a picture of engagement.

Infographic: The best time to send an email

Source: Propeller