Augmented reality is most often in the headlines in relation to AR glasses. Google Glass is happening, then it’s not, then it’s back on again.1 Intel was making pretty sexy looking glasses,2 and then they weren’t.3 Apple is rumoured to be thinking about them.4 Bose is making specs with speakers that could verbally augment your life.5

While the world is clearly undecided on whether augmented glasses are uber cool or just nerdy, augmented reality technology is quietly taking over other industries behind the scenes.

The below infographic shows some of the ways that AR can truly enhance the way in which we do business. For real estate, where 51% of people put off home improvement because of a lack of imagination, it could lead to a huge boost in the home reno sector. This could also be applied to buying homes and the furniture that goes in them.

In the health sector, AR scanners could show doctors and nurses exactly where veins lie, reducing the pain of those 40% IV insertion attempts that miss their target. Already, apps are being developed for children with autism that aim to gamify and promote social-emotional and cognitive learning.6

Retail realities could be augmented with memory mirrors to show how you’d look in an outfit (without the awkward interruption from an overly helpful shop assistant) and for travel, AR apps that give tours, help with locating where on earth you are in a new city, or find the best restaurant that won’t give you food poisoning. The possibilities are endless.

The behavioural changes and prompts that such technology could bring about is more than just fun, it represents a huge potential to augment the traditional revenue of a whole host of industries.

Infographic: Driving dollars by enhancing reality


Source: Lumus