The entertainment and media industries are perhaps among the first to have encountered the massive challenges that can come with digital change. From the music industry to the digital distribution of news, media has been completely transformed – and that transformation is still occurring.

As a result, business leaders in this space require razor-focused insight into the big decisions required to take their operation to the next level. In such a tumultuous market, these decisions often carry a significant amount of weight.

As the PwC 2014 Global Data and Analytics Survey reveals, executives in the entertainment and media businesses are facing tough challenges. The survey shows 34% expect to make a big decision at least once per month in the next year, and 53% plan to revisit their most important big decision within three to six months to adjust for new information.

Among those executives, 37% say data and analytics inputs are relied on most for big decisions – but few feel fully prepared to make them.


Entertainment Infographic

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John Studley

John Studley is a partner at PwC Australia.

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