Has your business embraced analytics?

The manufacturing industry has continued to undergo dramatic change during the past half decade – and digital disruption ensures more transformation is on the way.

With the retail market having significantly altered in scope and size, along with the automotive industry, manufacturing in many sectors is on the decline.

The arrival of 3D printing – a technology which will no doubt be introduced to schools, hospitals, universities and everyday homes – has also provided a significant signal that manufacturing needs to change.

This change is reflected in the answers provided by manufacturing executives in the Big Decisions report – 57% have reported they have changed the way they view decision making in light of big data and analytics.

With the rest of the manufacturing industry now rethinking entire business models, now is the time to use data and analytics more than ever before. Big decisions – and analysing the subsequent methodologies used to make them – have never been more important.


Manufacturing Infographic

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John Studley

John Studley is a partner at PwC Australia.

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