Artificial intelligence (AI) is today’s buzzword when it comes to industry and the tech sector, but increasingly it’s making its way into white collar professions. Does this threaten jobs? Not according to our chief data scientist, Matt Kuperholz, at a recent PwC event for law professionals. He explained that the workforce may change shape, but certainly won’t be redundant.

This infographic by Law In Order illustrates how tasks traditionally handled by junior law associates and paralegals seem easy pickings for automation by AI due to their repetitive nature and the need for fast and voluminous data processing. Yet this allows lawyers to respond to clients more quickly and accurately, and spend more time focusing on tasks such as how best to apply the technology and ensure quality and assurance at every step.

While AI brings inevitable change, it doesn’t need to be the ‘doom and gloom’ kind. Potential benefits such as greater collaboration, increased quality and efficiency of work, and an ability to predict litigation outcomes will allow for tech-savvy lawyers to take their practice to the next level.

Infographic: AI in the legal profession
Source: Law in Order