Each year, we speak to hundreds of business leaders in Australia and around the world to uncover what’s driving their priorities or putting their organisation under pressure.

The Australian results for PwC’s 20th anniversary edition of the CEO Survey show that business leaders are optimistic about growth, yet at the same time preoccupied by the rise of robotics and how the future workforce might shape up.

Investments in robotics alone will not deliver the benefits required to justify implementation. CEOs are conscious of the impact on existing processes, flow of information, and the skills required for the future workforce.

Automation will help to drive improved customer experiences but organisations need to be careful that they build meaningful relationships with the customer that continue to deliver on the brand promise. Otherwise, they run the risk of losing the loyalty that was built up over time through one-on-one interactions.

Findings from the CEO Survey show that:

  • Trust in business is at an all-time low.
  • In light of increased automation, Australian business leaders are rethinking how they employ, manage and interact with people.
  • To drive new growth, organisations are focusing on customer experience
  • The rise of robotics and the internet of things are contributing to the reason that CEOs are more concerned than ever about cyber threats.


PwC infographic: CEO survey 2017, Australian results

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Nafisa Faruq

Nafisa is a Manager in PwC’s Digital Services. She has over eight years’ experience in customer strategy and marketing in telecommunications, retail and financial services.

With a background in product and brand management, Nafisa is focused on end-to-end customer centric transformation with expertise in designing customer experiences enabled through digital. She helps clients understand current customer behaviour and designs new ways of engaging customers digitally. Nafisa evaluates current organisational capabilities and develops future state operating models, capability requirements, implementation and change plans to help deliver on the new customer experience design, which are direct inputs for clients when making strategic decisions for short and long term investments.

She has also worked with clients to embed agile ways of working and lean methodology in order to achieve continuous process improvement.

She has an MBA from Melbourne Business School and Fuqua School of Business and enjoys taking road trips.

“I love being at the forefront of helping clients think differently about how they interact with their customers and constantly pushing the thinking around what’s next.”

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