It takes more than 60 seconds to make a cup of tea, yet on the internet, that small amount of time is enormously productive.

The 2018 release of internet identities @LoriLewis and @OfficiallyChadd’s annual infographic shows just how prolific media use is online, with over 25,000 GIFs, 187 emails and 481,000 tweets sent in one minute. From 2016 to 2018, Facebook logins went up nearly 300,000 a minute to almost 1 million. De

spite recent press reports of Snap Inc’s waning popularity, Snaps are being sent at a rate of 2.4 million a minute, up from 1.8 million last year.

But the biggest changes are happening in non-traditional viewing of media. While YouTube views have not gone up substantially in the last year, peaking at 4.3 million a minute, Twitch has entered the fray in a big way – already accounting for close to a million views – a quarter of YouTube’s viewings.

Netflix is where the biggest growth has been, apparently nearly quadrupling hours watched in just 12 months. This correlates with the findings of last year’s PwC US survey on media streaming where we found that cable TV has continued to decline at the same time as the use of Netflix has risen. While 73% subscribe to both, almost half of all services used are ones acquired in the last six months.

Tellingly, only a quarter of those surveyed late last year say they can cope with using more than four services alongside cable/Pay TV. Coupled with the growing dissatisfaction of having to subscribe to (and pay full price for) multiple services, and the increase in subscription/pay-walled services on offer, streaming TV in its current form is not necessarily the panacea to network broadcasting it was once lauded as.

Still, time will tell. And until then, there’s certainly no lack of things to watch.


Digital Pulse - Infographic: The internet minute of media and messages