Reducing the world’s population to a representative ‘village’ of 100 individuals has been an oft-used thought experiment. As shown by the 100 people project, paring down a vast populace to more manageable proportions allows demographics such as age, ethnicity and gender to be compared more clearly, substituting scale for perspective.

The scenario is applied to digital technology in this infographic by Vision Mobile. Drawing from an in-house survey of more than 30,000 developers working across sectors including mobile, cloud computing, AR/VR and machine learning, the ‘100 developers’ project examines the global tech industry.

An interesting characteristic is the global distribution of developers. Asia leads with 34, followed by Europe at 30, then the United States with 25 (note, however, that these figures are not on a per-capita basis). Not only does the geographical concentration of technology developers suggest rising fortunes for Asia and Europe in the tech sector, it emphasises the industry’s truly global status – an embodiment of the ‘think global, act local’ adage.

The most startling insight is the lingering gender inequality of the technology sector, with an overwhelming 94 males to just six females. And that’s not the only aspect where there’s room for improvement. The high proportion of ‘self improvers’ as well as developers in the nascent stage of their career suggests that education and upskilling are key elements of the onward journey for these ‘hundred’ – whose true number most likely sits in the region of 20 million.

Other insights include:

  • Java is the most popular single programming language, followed by C# and HTML.
  • A little over three quarters of technology developers were professionals, with the remainder enthusiastic amateurs.
  • 34% of developers worked in a single sector, while 36% worked across two (such as mobile and desktop).
  • 60% of developers had six or fewer years’ experience, with 17% working in the industry for less than a year.


technology developers infographic


Source: Vision Mobile