Like retailers and the utilities sector, the hotel industry is well positioned to take advantage of many upcoming new digital technologies, transforming every part of the hotel experience for guests, staff and management alike.

The scope of digital change for hoteliers is presented in this infographic from Ard na Sidhe. Digital solutions include online review widgets and aggregators, as well as the future possibilities of 5G mobile internet. It also predicts that the future technology offerings of hotels will be democratised, driven by the guests themselves rather than hotel management.

Other insights include:

  • Hotels are only partially leveraging the power of social media channels, with 81% of hotels using Facebook, but only 33% using YouTube, 30% using Twitter, and 23% using Instagram.
  • With up to 80% of global internet traffic expected to comprise video by 2019, there is considerable opportunity for the hospitality industry to embrace this medium.
  • Online reviews matter: 80% of surveyed users from TripAdvisor consider hotel management that responds to reviewer feedback to be more caring.
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