It was only a few months ago Facebook said it was in discussions with a drone manufacturer with a possibility of acquisition. Now, that same company has been purchased by Google.

In what the company calls the pursuit of “cheap, omnipresent internet”, Titan Aerospace will now become part of the Google stable of brands.

This isn’t too much of a surprise. Companies like Google and Facebook have a vested interest in making sure the internet is as ubiquitous and accessible as possible. But the ability to launch drones always fits well into Google’s existing business models.

The aircraft, which are designed to fly towards the upper ends of the Earth’s atmosphere and last for several years, could end up helping Google with satellite images and other projects as well.

This also comes after Google has spent tens of millions of dollars on robotics acquisitions, experimenting with various methods of automating processes and actions that can be replicated by robots. Having drones in the air not only

Of course, an acquisition of this type will make some spectators nervous. But above all else, it’s a steady reminder internet businesses aren’t just in the business of selling their own services, but spreading connectivity itself.

Once again, this is a stark reminder the power of the internet extends beyond developed economies. While many digital savvy businesses target regions with existing digital infrastructure, there is just as much opportunity in designing services for these areas which have not yet accessed fast and cheap internet.

Google’s drones acquisition isn’t just a reminder of its invested interest in spreading internet connectivity, but those opportunities extend to any and all digital enterprises hoping to remain relevant in the new, connected world.