A term that is bandied around by many, gamification, if utilised to its fullest potential offers fantastic intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to businesses. Although popularised and often relegated to the the retail industry, the concept is applicable across various businesses whether B2B or B2C.

Further to our report, ‘Enterprise gamification: Buzzword or business tool‘, the below infographic delves into the methodology of using the technique for engagement internally and externally. We examine the process that any business considering introducing it into their engagement arsenal should consider, in terms of: setting goals, identifying key players, designing a game mechanic and measuring success.

The key messages for businesses are:

  • To involve both internal and external audiences concurrently to drive engagement and success of the gamified process
  • Based on the goals and context, ascertain whether the mechanic will be a short or long-term initiative
  • The game mechanic must be applicable and measurable against initial goals

In addition to this, Anthony Mittelmark provides an in-depth examination of gamification in his article ‘Engineering gamification for successful customer engagement‘.


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John Riccio

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