We have too much data, and we don’t know what to do with it. At least, this is the message of a recent PwC report which found that Australia could be leaving as much as $48 billion of economic value on the table when it comes to information.

Businesses both large and small are having to deal with huge influxes of data. But many don’t understand the implications of that data, or don’t have the resources to realise that huge economic potential.

In our first edition of the Digital Pulse podcast, join head of ventures Trent Lund and head of economics Jeremy Thorpe as they discuss the implications of our Data-Driven Innovation report, and the importance of getting both business and government in the practice of dealing with data.

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Jeremy Thorpe

Jeremy Thorpe is a Partner in PwC’s Economics & Policy unit.

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Trent Lund

Trent is Head of Innovation and Ventures for PwC Australia. With 18 years’ experience spanning Australia, Asia, UK, Europe and the Middle East, Trent joined PwC to lead the customer centric transformation consulting team dedicated to improving the way Australia’s leading private and public sector organisations re-focus on the customer.

Before his commercial career, Trent worked with some of the earlier forms of computing, transforming traditional business through programmable logic controls to automate machinery. The learning he gathered from this early experience saw Trent ‘smash a lot of strawberries, but learned a lot about the power of technology’.

Trent began his commercial career in telecommunications in Australia and later independently as a business consultant in the UK. Trent helped high tech and communications clients develop product and market entry strategies for complex solutions such as data centres, mobile content platforms and 3G Mobile licenses.

Afterwards Trent joined Oracle to lead the mobile content and service delivery platform proposition in Europe and Asia. One of the key milestones he achieved was to architect a custom solution into 10 countries, gaining 45 million subscribers, operating in many different languages and different currencies. The key challenge was balancing the latest technology advancements with the pragmatism required to address economies in different stages of maturity, from emerging to very mature. Advising technology owners on what business models will be profitable in these environments is one of Trent’s great strengths.

Trent specialises in user experience design, customer-led innovation and disrupting business models through technology.

“Digital is challenging the status quo. We’re beginning to see how customers are interacting with technology and it’s exciting to see the escalating rate of change in all industries.”

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