Key takeaways

  • PwC’s Annual Digital IQ Survey measured how well companies understand the value of technology in ensuring their digital future
  • Digital IQ is expanded through a digital mindset taken on by the entire organisation
  • The survey found the most collaborative, digitally-savvy organisations are more confident in taking risks for future growth and benefit.

According to the results of PwC’s 5th Annual Digital IQ Survey, digital IQ is a measure of how well companies collectively understand the value of technology and weave it into the fabric of the organisation – in short, their understanding of the digital future of business.

Results of the survey show organisations who identify as Strong Collaborators are four times more likely than less collaborative teams to be Top Performers.

When it comes to digital IQ, Strong Collaborators think together, act together and achieve better results. Strong Collaborators typically share the same understanding of the corporate strategy across IT and business leaders, and more often have clear processes in place to link IT investment with organisational strategy.

The digital mindset as the digital future of business

That the highest performing organisations are those who are most collaborative and on the same page when it comes to technology probably doesn’t come as a surprise when we think about the most successful companies and their digital strategies.

Telstra is one prolific example of a collaborative approach, setting social media guidelines which encourage collaboration between staff, customers and others with shared interests. The video, The 3Rs of social media engagement (representation, responsibility and respect) was designed to assist and educate employees using social media to make appropriate decisions, even though the tactic posed some organisational risk. PwC’s survey backs this up with an important finding- the most collaborative, digitally-savvy organisations are more confident in taking risks for future growth and benefit.

Those cultures with the highest digital IQs see technology not as a necessary evil or a distraction; nor do they see it as a mere tool or solution to their immediate issues. Rather, they see technology as a given for the organisation to perform, grow, compete, reach new markets and achieve strategic direction.

In other words, digital is a mindset among top performing companies.

Investing in the digital mindset

This digital mindset is highlighted in the report by the number of top performing organisations investing both internally and externally in mobile, social media, cloud technology and data mining and analysis.

The survey reveals employees in top performing companies feel they have everything they need to be able to communicate via mobile technology, showing internal investment in and use of technology is paramount to success.

Where key investments are made internally, thinking digitally is part of the culture, and employees are empowered to find solutions using the digital tools available to them. Employees absorb the mindset and there’s a strong message that IT is something everyone agrees on.



John Riccio

John is a former partner at PwC Australia and the founder of Digital Pulse.

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