Over the next decade, the number of digital natives entering the workforce will begin to shift the balance of the marketplace. It will be a time of significant change, in which digital skills are valued more than some traditional skillsets.

But this won’t happen on its own. In order to unlock a potential gold mine worth of productivity and value, we need to equip the next generation with digital skills. Part of this involves teaching young people to code, enabling them to have the skills they need to survive in the 21st century workplace.

Earlier this month, we contributed to a Google-published book called “Start With Code“, which highlighted the value Australia could expect if these skills are prioritised – with a potential $100 billion to be unlocked by 2033.

Already, tools are emerging which could make this happen. Code Academy, which launched two years ago with the aim of helping people learn to code, has launched a new website this week. Its aim is to take users beyond simple coding applications, and provide them with an end-to-end experience

Over 24 million people have used the site since launch. In the video below, the site’s founders explain how the service will start growing from beyond the basics, into equipping users to be able to build some of the most comprehensive websites on the web, partnering to provide sophisticated, full websites.

This is the type of skillset which Australia needs to adopt in order to unlock the potential of the start-up economy. A digital economy requires digital skills, and unlocking them is crucial in order to remain competitive – starting with code, the building blocks of this generation, is an excellent first step.