As data and bandwidth increase, so does the need to make sense of it all. With Big Data comes the big responsibility of using it to a company’s best advantage. Data science is an emerging and growing field which many graduates can expect to find themselves in – whether they’re graduating from computer science or another discipline.

According to the following infographic from EMC2, the demand for data scientists will outstrip talent in the next five years. However it hightlights that organisational barriers to employing data scientists include a lack of skills and training, as well as budget and resources.

Stay tuned for our upcoming feature on the importance of data science and why a one-size-fits-all approach to analytics won’t work for organisations – many of which are working with both unique and increasingly larger sets of data.

What future challenges do you think organisations will have around the need to manage data?




John Riccio

John is a former partner at PwC Australia and the founder of Digital Pulse.

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