Suzanne (or Suze as she’s more commonly known) was born inquisitive and curious and drove her parents mad with “who, when, why, where” questions from a young age. She loves getting to the heart of issues and identifying solutions for them, and firmly believes there’s nothing better than involving the end users of a product or service.

Suze has utilised her problem solving skills in a variety of roles including Treaty of Waitangi research, market research, marketing and product development. Having been both a practitioner and commissioner of research she is passionate about the contribution it makes to the way organisations create and improve experiences. Nothing bugs her more than a ‘broken’ experience that’s crying out for attention. She loves using her human centred design toolkit to get to the bottom of thorny issues and work with clients and their users to find a successful outcome that balances the (not always complementary) needs of both groups.

Outside of work Suze spends her time fielding “who, when, why, where” questions from her young son and hanging out in the garden trying to reach her goal of not buying any vegetables.