Marina‘s expertise helps public and private organisations re-imagine their products, services, workplace experience and systems using human-centred methodologies and artificial intelligence platforms.


Before joining PwC, Marina founded PowerhouseHQ, an innovative organisation with a mission to create conditions that nurture team learning, entrepreneurship and design thinking, to solve complex problems and drive positive change.


Marina actively supports the Melbourne start-up scene by organising events and activities that focus on learning by doing. As a Melbourne Startup Weekend facilitator, she led the first Australian Startup Weekend Women and Startup Weekend Education Melbourne in 2014. At the moment, Marina is running Biz, a platform for young teens to launch a business idea, Biz won the Optus Future Makers award in 2016, and it continues to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to schools, teachers and teenagers.

We live in an incredible time armed with powerful tools that can help us nurture the future of our existence and reimagine how we experience the world around us.