A stalwart of the digital industry, Kate Eriksson’s experience and network spans across some of the most iconic digital businesses in the world such as Google, Facebook, Skype and Twitter. Kate has advised corporate boards of various businesses about how they can drive innovation across multiple industries of government, financial services, telecommunications and media.

With predominant experience in the field of mobile innovation, Kate’s achievements in this area include responsibility for the design and operation of the world’s first mobile Skype, implementing an SMS capability for Twitter, aligning Google location and developing a broker model connecting two billion consumers with internet services.

Described as the matriarch of the AT&T Foundry in Silicon Valley, in her role as Director, Kate was responsible for successfully establishing the business and collaborating with startups, venture capitalists, Stanford University academics and developers.

At PwC Kate was instrumental in the development of programs for driving innovation throughout the broader corporate ecosystem, as well as building new digital experiences and advising on business growth. Having spent seven years working in Asia, Europe, Israel and the US, Kate is passionate about the success of Australian innovation and growth, and the positive impact of technology on a range of social challenges.

Having worked at the heart of the rapidly evolving technology world, across borders and in various areas including telecommunications, internet and startups – I have a strong sense of urgency and focus to give back and drive Australia’s growth through innovation for businesses and beyond.