John is the leader of a talented team of analytical professionals. As a Partner at PwC Australia, he is passionate about helping people make sense of information.

As part of a globally connected business – with more than 2,000 Analytics professionals around the world, John and the team help clients drive information management, business intelligence, insight analytics and modelling in areas of customer, pricing, operations, supply chain and workforce to obtain a competitive advantage.

As an integral part of PwC’s Consulting business the team have the ability to drive data to decision to action. PwC’s approach is business led, enabled by advanced technology to deliver intelligence in the moment.

John has supported clients across the industries of telecommunications, retail, industrial products and services. He has a background in corporate finance and value analytics – and supports quick wins for clients who need fact-based analytics to support critical decisions.


“One of the challenges of digitisation is the large volumes of data created. Big data is a loose term that in many ways describes the by-product of digitalisation. The challenge as ever, is to use that data to make more informed decisions. To recognise it as a point of view, a new and potential better lens.”