Daintree is an experienced digital technology delivery leader across programs of work in Australia, Asia and Europe. With close to 20 years experience in commercial and government sectors, Daintree is most excited when technology is a catalyst for change in customer experiences, in organisations and in markets.

Daintree is a technology practitioner, with a deep interest in understanding all aspects of technology delivery for customer success. Having been at the forefront of driving the adoption of new implementation methodologies and innovative technologies for a range of client organisations, Daintree is also experienced in driving programs in environments of uncertainty.

Daintree leads the delivery of products and projects within PwC’s Google Technology practice, bringing the vast computing power of Google’s cloud platform and cutting edge digital technology to customer challenges.

“This is never about just ‘keeping the lights on’, the great thing is being able to see the landmark projects we have built that somehow changed the game.”