Amy has been in the online space for over twenty years, and received a PhD from Monash University where she studied online community longevity and social media.

Amy is a passionate advocate of social media use and technological innovation by business to foster consumer engagement and loyalty. Working previously in the education, accounting and insurance industries, she has been a regular speaker on the risks and rewards to be found in the wave of technological disruption facing industry, with a particular interest in the insurance industry and insurtech.

Amy is a passionate writer and photographer and is fascinated by the intersection of technology and society. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, participating in online fandom and researching her family’s genealogical roots as an amateur sleuth.

In today’s age, technology is increasingly sophisticated and cost-effective to use. The transformative power of this is immense, and, if implemented with care, world-changing in many positive ways. Helping society adapt to these changes is endlessly fascinating and wonderfully rewarding