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Senior Manager

Adnan Jaswal

Adnan Jaswal is a solution architect in PwC Australia’s Experience Centre.

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Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon is a partner in PwC’s Cyber Security practice in Melbourne.

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Andrew Jamieson

Andrew Jamieson is PwC New Zealand’s digital strategy lead.

More about Andrew Jamieson

Berry Driessen

Berry Driessen is the national lead for experience strategy and the lead for digital education in Australia in PwC’s Experience Centre.

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Gulandam Khan

Gulandam Khan is a manager in PwC Australia’s Experience and Insights Consulting practice specialising in strategy and innovation.

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Joe Brasacchio

Joe Brasacchio is the project and product director at PwC’s Intunity Digital Solutions.

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John Riccio

John is PwC’s ASEANZ Digital Services lead partner.

More about John Riccio

John Shipman

John Shipman leads the fintech space in Asia for PwC.

More about John Shipman

Kate Bennett Eriksson

Kate is PwC Australia’s head of innovation and disruption.

More about Kate Bennett Eriksson
Digital Pulse: Kris Nygren

Kris Nygren

Kris leads PwC’s Experience Centre and Digital Services in New Zealand.

More about Kris Nygren

Mark Coughlin

Mark leads PwC’s Australian Energy, Utilities and Mining practice.

More about Mark Coughlin

Matt Kuperholz

Matt Kuperholz is a partner and chief data scientist at PwC Australia.

More about Matt Kuperholz

Matthew Benwell

Matt is a telco and technology consulting partner at PwC Australia.

More about Matthew Benwell

Monty Hamilton

Monty Hamilton is a partner in PwC’s Digital Services business.

More about Monty Hamilton

Nick Spooner

Nick Spooner is a partner at PwC and the leader of PwC Digital Services Experience Centre across South East Asia and Australia.

More about Nick Spooner

Phil Bolton

Phil is a director in PwC Australia’s Experience and Insights team.

More about Phil Bolton

Richard Blundell

Richard Blundell is PwC’s retail and consumer specialist in the Digital Services team.

More about Richard Blundell

Richard Royle

Richard Royle is a partner at PwC Australia and is the national and regional digital health lead.

More about Richard Royle

Shaun Ryan

Shaun Ryan is a managing director at PwC based in Singapore.

More about Shaun Ryan

Steve Ingram

Steve Ingram is the leader of PwC Australia’s Cyber practice and Asia-Pacific cyber leader.

More about Steve Ingram

Suji Kanagalingam

Suji Kanagalingam is a partner in PwC Australia’s Digital Services.

More about Suji Kanagalingam
Senior Associate

Will Kingston

Will Kingston is a management consultant in PwC’s Experience and Insights practice.

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Digital Content Producer

Amy Gibbs

Dr Amy Gibbs is a senior associate in PwC Australia’s Experience and Insights team, researching and writing for Digital Pulse.

More about Amy Gibbs

Tan Allaway

Tan Allaway is the editor-in-chief of PwC’s Digital Pulse.

More about Tan Allaway

Vanessa Desloires

Vanessa Desloires is the acting editor of PwC’s Digital Pulse.

More about Vanessa Desloires

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