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Digital Pulse: Five tech trends set to disrupt the next five years

Five tech trends set to disrupt the next five years

Monty Hamilton 18 Sep 2018 9 minutes

Which technology do you think will have the most impact in the next three to five years? A panel of experts weighs in on emerging tech trends and the results may surprise you.

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Digital Pulse: The art of improving CX with digital distraction

The art of improving CX with digital distraction

Michael Ng 17 Jul 2018 10 minutes

Airports face a difficult task creating a seamless customer experience amid financial and regulatory constraints. Digital is helping to improve passenger flows, but can also be used to help distract customers from the necessary inconveniences of air travel.

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The secrets to CRM project success

The secrets to CRM success

Michael Diamond 21 Jun 2018 8 minutes

Far too many CRM adoptions fail in spectacular, multimillion-dollar fashion. But they needn’t, and success lies in ensuring you make the right choices about how the platform will scale to support your business growth goals.

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Restoring Australia’s trade reputation through digital

Richard Blundell 28 May 2018 8 minutes

Australia lags behind its economic counterparts on trade, due in large part to the lack of digitisation in the logistics sector. But a new platform, the Trade Community System, could unlock billions in value and help the nation reach its economic potential.

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How to get on board with behavioural economics (and driverless cars)

How to get on board with behavioural economics (and driverless vehicles)

Jeremy Thorpe Eshan Motwani 26 Sep 2017 10 minutes

New technologies can take some getting used to, particularly if they’re as radical as autonomous vehicles. PwC’s behavioural economics team lifts the hood of human decision-making to help usher in a warm welcome.

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Infographic: The race to build the autonomous car

01 Mar 2017 1 minute

From a nascent vision of autonomous vehicles in the 1920s to the technology behind today’s models, here’s a look at the race to put driverless vehicles on the road.

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Power play: Three future scenarios for the electricity industry

Mark Coughlin 24 Aug 2016 8 minutes

Imagine a world where cars use more electricity than factories, your thermostat bargains for lower power prices and flicking a switch generates data as well as light. Ludicrous? Or a possible post-disruption future for the utilities industry?

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The race is on for driverless cars to hit the road

Tan Allaway 18 Sep 2015 3 minutes

As Google ushers along its autonomous vehicle division, a report reveals that innovation in connected cars is accelerating – and a driverless car could be yours in just ten years.

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Infographic: The global impact of wireless internet connectivity

Tan Allaway 01 Jul 2015 2 minutes

Invented by an Australian, wireless internet has gone on to utterly change the way the world operates. This infographic looks at the impact of Wi-Fi on our lives.

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