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Digital Pulse: Can you hear me? How a hackathon helped create a sense of connectionDigital Pulse: Can you hear me? How a hackathon helped create a sense of connection
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Can you hear me? How a hackathon created a sense of connection

Brent Gimpel 30 May 2018 7 minutes

This year’s #Hack4Good proved that important societal problems can be solved even when under extreme time pressure. PwC’s Brent Gimpel participated and explains innovating through a hackathon.

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Intelligent Digital: Leading the way to the future of work

Ben Neal Sara Caplan 15 May 2018 9 minutes

How does business prepare for a future where technological advances have the power to change the work we do, and the way we do it? PwC’s Ben Neal and Sara Caplan argue it will take the right mix of human and machine, new styles of leadership and innovative people management. Is business up to the challenge?

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Report: The smarter phone

Matthew Benwell 20 Mar 2018 9 minutes

Over the last few years smartphones have become increasingly dumb when it comes to their ability to change our lives. Advances in AI and 5G are about to put an end to all that, and industry must adapt quickly.

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Mobile World Congress 2018: Changing the game with 5G

Matthew Benwell Mohammad Chowdhury 07 Mar 2018 6 minutes

The initial promise of 5G is huge increases in speed, bandwidth and very low latency. However 5G offers so much more – new business models that will revolutionise not only the telecommunications industry but many others – hyper connectivity, IoT and the enablement of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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How the cyber security boom is driving growth

02 Dec 2015 5 minutes

A growing awareness of online threats has seen businesses invest in their cyber capabilities to turn present-day risks into future opportunities.

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Infographic: Connecting companies to form strategic partnerships

12 Nov 2015 1 minute

Driven through digital convergence, Telstra and The Economist Intelligence Unit’s new report has found that senior executives are increasingly ‘connecting’ to form strategic partnerships.

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Connecting the call centre: Five approaches to reduce call volume

Brett Fairbank 29 Jun 2015 6 minutes

When it comes to cost-cutting, businesses often look to their contact centre first. But what drives high call volume and how can this be reduced, while still offering a great customer experience?

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Making the decision to decide: Analytics and big decisions

John Studley 23 Oct 2014 5 minutes

To make the big decisions in a connected age requires a new type of decision-making ability – and plenty of businesses are already doing so with the help of analytics and data.

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Five highlights from the 2014 Internet Trends report

29 May 2014 3 minutes

Every year, Mary Meeker’s internet trends report reveals the state of the digital industry – here are five trends from this year’s report.

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