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Always Doing: The top four innovative Australian technology companies

26 May 2014 7 minutes

The top four innovative Australian companies were named at an event in March – but what about them provides the ability to move so quickly?

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YouTube’s $1 billion Twitch deal – the streaming future

19 May 2014 3 minutes

The report that YouTube is set to buy streaming site Twitch for $US1 billion is no surprise in a world where access is valued over ownership

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Seven notable acquisitions of 2014

16 May 2014 7 minutes

There are plenty of acquisitions happening in technology all the time. Here are seven of year’s most prominent, so far.

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Equipping for the digital future with code

24 Apr 2014 2 minutes

Unlocking the potential of the start-up economy will rely on more than cursory knowledge – starting with learning code is a safe bet.

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Start With Code: Equipping the next generation

Trent Lund 11 Apr 2014 3 minutes

The release of an ebook from Google about the importance of coding highlights just how much work is needed to equip the next generation.

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Amazon’s drones, and the constant search for innovation

11 Apr 2014 1 minute

Amazon has said its drone program is in its sixth or seventh generation – a reminder of the constant need for innovation.

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Open Innovation: Dyson and the constant search for ideas

10 Apr 2014 2 minutes

Dyson’s investments in robotics and metrics for R&D are a reminder that innovation should be an ongoing process.

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Facebook’s $US2 billion virtual reality play – what does it mean?

27 Mar 2014 5 minutes

Facebook has spent $US2 billion to acquire virtual reality company Oculus Rift – so what does it mean for the future of entertainment?

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Digital IQ: How robotics is changing the future of tech

Kate Bennett Eriksson 04 Mar 2014 6 minutes

It will be years before household robotics reach their full potential, but industries have the ability to grow and adapt faster than ever.

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