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Eight tech trends that will dominate 2014 – and what they actually mean

07 Jan 2014 8 minutes

Technology and digital will control the conversation over the next 12 months. Here are eight tech trends that will become more prominent in 2014.

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Celebrating five years of App Store – A look at the enterprise app journey

John Riccio 09 Jul 2013 3 minutes

Celebrating five years of App Store, we examine the enterprise app journey which has evolved from a frenzied scramble to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ to a more strategic approach aimed towards achieving clear organisational outcomes. The question is, how will this enterprise journey evolve over the next five years?

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Finger on the Pulse: Apple WWDC 2013; Facebook’s clickable hashtags; Forbes’ top marketing influencer

Nirosha Methananda 20 Jun 2013 4 minutes

In this week’s Finger on the Pulse we explore Apple WWDC 2013, and ask our team what the new iOS 7 platform means for business. Also on the agenda are Facebook’s clickable hashtags and… who is Forbes’ top rated marketing influencer?

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Editorial: Will the Yahoo work from home ban help the company go forward?

John Riccio 04 Mar 2013 2 minutes

As the majority of businesses are heading towards increased flexibility in terms of workspace and arrangements, Yahoo’s recent edict banning working from home has left the corporate world baffled and seemingly divided. John Riccio weighs in on the argument about whether the ban will help the company go forward.

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Editorial: The MySpace comeback – Redesigned, reinvented, re-launched and revived?

Nirosha Methananda 08 Oct 2012 8 minutes

Will the MySpace comeback signal a resurgence for the once popular social network? Anthony Mittelmark delves into what factors will potentially impact the revival of MySpace and effect its success.

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