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How to create value from your business data

Monty Hamilton 19 May 2017 9 minutes

All companies have data, and all companies could stand to gain from it. Monty Hamilton serves up some crucial questions to help business leaders benefit from the information they create.

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Blockchain beyond the financial sector

John Shipman 04 May 2017 6 minutes

From safeguarding property titles to returning profits to struggling musicians, here’s a round-up of the ways blockchain could solve problems for a range of industries.

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Working with, not against, the psychology of customer loyalty

Philip Otley 03 Apr 2017 8 minutes

Wouldn’t it be better to inspire, rather than pay, customers to love your brand? Philip Otley and Johann Ponnampalam propose a new kind of loyalty scheme: one that leverages behavioural science to build a better bond.

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Infographic: How women use online reviews to shop

Tan Allaway 15 Feb 2017 1 minute

Trust is a valuable asset in the digital economy. When it comes to buying behaviour, a poll of over 11,000 women has revealed the power of a great endorsement.

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You can’t be ‘omnichannel’ until inventory is solved

13 Feb 2017 10 minutes

Unless retailers can get a real-time understanding of exactly what’s on their shelves, omnichannel will evade them, argues Chris Warry. RFID can solve the problem – and bring in more customers.

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Digital tipping points in 2017: Our team’s predictions

Richard Blundell 08 Feb 2017 10 minutes

We asked our PwC Digital Services colleagues what they think will be the digital trends that reach a tipping point for businesses this year.

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Retail Trends 2017: What is digital’s impact on the retail sector?

03 Feb 2017 11 minutes

Retail is beholden to the consumer – and consumers are changing fast, as is the technology that supports them. What are the digital trends that will drive the retail industry this year? We speak to former David Jones CEO, Paul Zahra.

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Five marketing habits you should quit in 2017

Philip Otley 30 Jan 2017 8 minutes

The practices that you wean yourself off this year can impact your business as much as the habits you hold on to. Philip Otley offers a roundup of some of the bigger marketing practices that could be holding back your brand. Which of these could you consign to the post-Christmas rubbish collection?

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Is Amazon Go shutting down the checkout for good?

Richard Blundell 12 Dec 2016 8 minutes

This month, Amazon announced it’s opening a physical store that doesn’t have any payment tills. Richard Blundell explores the strategy and tech behind this radical new concept for retail.

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