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Infographic: Is that a bot in your basket?

05 Apr 2018 2 minutes

Individuals are increasingly using virtual assistants to make their home or work life easier. Chatbots can do this for retail, and help smooth over a variety of pain points.

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Report: Experience is everything

Richard Blundell 27 Mar 2018 9 minutes

Is it technology or humans that helps you win at retail? According to customers, it’s both, but they have specific parts to play when it comes to creating a great customer experience.

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Global domination: How a local brand can make it big without leaving home

John Riccio 13 Feb 2018 7 minutes

As customers enjoy access to more products and services than ever before local businesses need to compete with international rivals as well as those down the street. Here are a few ways successful companies have done just that.

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2018: Digital predictions in the year of fragility

John Riccio 30 Jan 2018 13 minutes

This year, optimism and caution are the lenses through which businesses will navigate digital change. The PwC Digital Services team give their predictions of the biggest trends in technology in 2018.

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Three ways to prepare for the new tech wave

Will Kingston 23 Jan 2018 8 minutes

Companies are racing to adopt cutting edge technology to optimise their customer experience, but the likes of AI and blockchain will only take you so far unless the underlying infrastructure is reshaped first.

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The big easy

16 Jan 2018 7 minutes

Making life easier for customers might not be your top priority, but a hassle free experience could mean the difference between a delighted consumer and a disappearing one.

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Love your staff or lose your customers

Richard Blundell 11 Dec 2017 7 minutes

Empowering customer-facing staff with technology and new practices is the key to delivering your brand strategy and preventing negative experiences that go viral.

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Report How consumers see cyber security and privacy risks

Steve Ingram 05 Dec 2017 8 minutes

A recent PwC survey found that 85% of consumers will not do business with a company if they have concerns about its security practices. To earn trust, and consumer business, companies must protect customer data and respect individual privacy.

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The secrets of fast growing companies

Kate Bennett Eriksson 28 Nov 2017 9 minutes

Businesses need to create new value to compete. PwC partner Kate Eriksson believes companies should reconsider these four characteristics that their high growth peers embody.

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