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Five key priorities for your 2013 Digital Change agenda – Part 1

John Riccio 08 Jan 2013 5 minutes

As the New Year begins and we all return to work mode, we identify five key priorities that should be at the top of your Digital Change agenda for a successful 2013.

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Infographic – E-commerce strategy for Christmas and beyond

John Riccio 22 Dec 2012 59 seconds

With pre-Christmas sales reportedly booming and highlighting Australian consumer’s demand for online shopping, we offer e-commerce strategies that retailers should be considering for Christmas and beyond.

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Assessing the viability of ‘adaptive web’ for personalised pricing

Emmanuel Churchley 18 Dec 2012 13 minutes

In the second of our head-to-head series, Emmanuel Churchley and Raymond Nazloomian explore whether or not the ‘adaptive web’ approach in terms of personalised and targeted pricing will be accepted by Australian consumers, especially given the current retail environment.

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Are daily deals dead? Pivoting to avert a downturn – Part 1

Mark O’Neill 22 Nov 2012 6 minutes

Are daily deals dead? With reports rife daily deals are heading into oblivion, in the first of our two-part series, we examine the weaknesses of this business model and what went wrong.

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Click Frenzy fail – The top five learnings from the ‘sale that failed a nation’

Simon Doukas 21 Nov 2012 7 minutes

Touted as ‘the sale that stops a nation’ – the Click Frenzy fail lends itself beyond just technical difficulties, to offending increasingly sophisticated and informed online retail consumers. We examine the learnings that can be take from this seeming flop.

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Infographic – Exploring global ecommerce opportunities

Nirosha Methananda 21 Sep 2012 41 seconds

Following on from our article ‘Why globalising your online retail offering is crucial for future success’, this infographic, produced by UK-based search marketing company Search Laboratory, outlines the opportunities for global ecommerce.

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Multi-screen mania – Insights into cross-platform consumer behaviour

Emmanuel Churchley 12 Sep 2012 26 seconds

In its report, The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior, Google unveils that 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether on smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV.

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Retail shopper 2.0 – Hyper-connected and demanding a seamless multi-channel experience

John Riccio 30 Aug 2012 5 minutes

Customer experience is now central to maintaining a competitive edge – the contemporary customer expects to engage with retailers across multiple channels and touch points.

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Why globalising your online retail offering is crucial for future success

12 Aug 2012 10 minutes

With the global e-commerce market set to reach USD$1,285 billion by 2015 the opportunity for Australian retailers to expand offshore is ripe. However it is crucial retailers invest in robust technologies and business systems that allow for agility and accommodate growth.

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