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Amazon’s drones are just the beginning: Solving the puzzle of retail delivery

10 Dec 2013 8 minutes

The retail world was given a jolt last week when Amazon announced a new delivery method: commercial drones. While the idea seems…

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Store-based location technology – A lesson for how retailers must change

09 Dec 2013 3 minutes

The changing nature of retail means businesses need to start thinking of the physical store as an experience, not a sales point – and Apple’s new location technology is a good start.

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How social catalogues are driving retail revenue

05 Dec 2013 3 minutes

Digital catalogues like Flipboard and Pinterest have been popular for years, but now retailers are finally seeing benefits from social catalogues.

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Infographic: Christmas shopping trends from AskU

05 Dec 2013 1 minute

With this year set to be the biggest yet for online retail, charity-giving app, AskU showcases some of this year’s consumer Christmas shopping trends.

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Amazon’s retail delivery drones highlight a bigger problem

03 Dec 2013 5 minutes

Amazon has announced it will start using drones to deliver products – as soon as it can get all the details ironed out. But the move highlights a bigger problem with retail delivery.

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Report: Are you embracing the ‘always on’ customer?

John Riccio 02 Dec 2013 4 minutes

The ‘always on’ customer is infinitely connected and expects immediate, relevant and quality experiences. John Riccio examines how businesses (whether B2B or B2C) need to adapt in order to quickly understand and respond to this change in customer expectations.

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When consumer and enterprise apps combine…

26 Nov 2013 7 minutes

Consumers are increasingly demanding access to productivity apps in the workplace, and developers are responding. But how should employers handle the cross over between personal and enterprise apps?

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The ups and downs of Bitcoin – Is virtual currency the next big thing?

19 Nov 2013 7 minutes

Patrick Stafford examines the volatile journey of Bitcoin and asks whether this virtual currency is paving the way for future payment methods?

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The 12 trends of Christmas – How online retailers are adapting: Part 2

John Riccio 18 Nov 2013 5 minutes

John Riccio shares the remaining six trends on how retailers can make the most of the fast-approaching Christmas period and pull in those last minute shoppers and sales!

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