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Digital IQ – The new age of business analytics

John Riccio 29 Jan 2014 4 minutes

By investing in new technology, distributing it throughout all the channels of a business and then capturing the data – no matter the industry – businesses will no longer be making guesses about how to best manage themselves.

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The buzz on delivery drones is only part of the solution

Emmanuel Churchley 28 Jan 2014 4 minutes

Though everyone is excited about a future where drones deliver direct to customers, we shouldn’t only be looking to the skies.

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The future of ecommerce – digital subscriptions

15 Jan 2014 3 minutes

Subscription services are hardly new, but their popularity in entertainment serves as a significant lesson – consumers will demand more instant access at a better price.

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The internet of things will change more than you think

14 Jan 2014 5 minutes

With the internet of things continuing to expand, consumers will expect digital businesses – of all sizes – to provide them information that will help their experiences.

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Why internet individualism will change the way we do business

18 Dec 2013 4 minutes

On the internet, everyone leaves a digital footprint. The most successful businesses will be those who harness that data and use it to welcome customers back with an individual falire.

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Nine common but false assumptions about social media

16 Dec 2013 8 minutes

Social networking is becoming splintered and increasingly difficult to manage. This can lead to assumptions about how and why businesses should make certain strategic moves.

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How the internet of things will change the way consumers think

16 Dec 2013 2 minutes

The internet of things will provide a huge amount of information for users and businesses – but it’s also going to change consumers’ expectations.

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Infographic – Digital megatrends driving the ‘always on’ customer

Nirosha Methananda 12 Dec 2013 1 minute

With the customer ‘always on’ we’ve pulled together some interesting stats and facts about the four digital megatrends driving this change in behaviour.

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Amazon’s drones are just the beginning: Solving the puzzle of retail delivery

10 Dec 2013 8 minutes

The retail world was given a jolt last week when Amazon announced a new delivery method: commercial drones. While the idea seems…

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