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Virtual assistants: Connecting users in the digital age

12 May 2014 2 minutes

The rise of virtual assistants has enabled more people to connect with technology – which will become increasingly important.

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The Omnichannnel Imperative: putting channel strategies into motion

Nick Spooner 29 Apr 2014 6 minutes

Overcoming omnichannel challenges may not be a simple but it’s an essential investment in customer relationships and business growth.

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Social intelligence – watching and listening to your customers

17 Apr 2014 2 minutes

Social intelligence is a powerful tool in not only revealing information on customer relationships, but future interaction as well.

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Amazon’s drones, and the constant search for innovation

11 Apr 2014 1 minute

Amazon has said its drone program is in its sixth or seventh generation – a reminder of the constant need for innovation.

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New online privacy regulations – consumers buy from whom they trust

12 Mar 2014 5 minutes

Privacy regulations introduced this week are the largest changes in 25 years – and underscore how the importance of gaining consumers’ trust

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Infographic: The rapid pace of the collaborative economy

12 Mar 2014 2 minutes

The collaborative economy has been racing forward at a rapid pace – and businesses should start incorporating its ideas.

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‘Always on’ customers driving the evolution of the Total Retail business model

John Riccio 26 Feb 2014 6 minutes

John Riccio discusses the results of PwC’s Global Total Retail Survey and shares why retailers need to move to a unified business model to meet the needs of the ‘always on’ customer.

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The future trends and transformation of fashion retail

John Riccio 25 Feb 2014 4 minutes

Where once a visit to the store was a necessity – it is now a choice and customer expectations of this experience have changed.

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Digital IQ – The future of ecommerce is the mobile revolution

Greg Barber 06 Feb 2014 6 minutes

Although mobile phones have now been available to customers for decades, it’s fair to say most of the innovation in the mobile…

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