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Podcast: Connected retail and the future of the store

John Riccio 28 Nov 2014 1 minute

This week on the podcast, we discuss the latest “Connected Retail” report – in which it is argued the physical store still plays an important role.

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Report: The Future of the Store – Connected Retail

John Riccio 26 Nov 2014 6 minutes

The physical store still remains an integral part of the overall retail experience – how does the future of retail incorporate the physical and digital?

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Podcast: The digital retail season

Richard Blundell 14 Nov 2014 58 seconds

In the latest podcast, PwC’s Richard Blundell identifies key trends for the 2015 season and what consumers will be expecting.

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Apple Pay & CurrentC: Mobile payments fragment

John Riccio 29 Oct 2014 3 minutes

With a winner yet to emerge in the mobile payments space, the release of CurrentC throws another roadblock into the mix for both Google and Apple.

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Podcast: The new age of privacy

24 Oct 2014 1 minute

This week on the podcast, PwC’s Head of Digital Intelligence, Jason Juma-Ross, discusses the ongoing nature of privacy and how consumers’ understanding of it will shape advertising and business models in the decade to come.

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Mobility on the move: m-commerce trends shake up the business landscape

Nick Spooner 22 Oct 2014 6 minutes

There’s no denying that m-commerce is going from strength to strength. What m-commerce initiatives does your business have in the pipeline?

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The fall and rise of same-day grocery delivery

20 Oct 2014 3 minutes

The future of the same-day grocery delivery business seems bright, but will it be large retailers who end up winning a competition of scale? Or do smaller operations have a chance?

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Infographic: How to communicate with millennials

14 Oct 2014 2 minutes

Communicating with millennials is a window inside to how businesses should be operating now and in the future. Take a glimpse at the connected, always-on customer.

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Disruption in the payments space – will a winner emerge?

07 Oct 2014 3 minutes

Short of a massive consumer backlash, the payments system is at least moving towards a more innovative focus – the result will benefit both consumers and businesses alike.

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