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The top 10 industries adopting the “internet of things”

John Riccio 11 Aug 2014 6 minutes

The internet of things is arriving – these are the top 10 industries not just adopting sensors but using them to transform their business.

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PwC’s Digital Change services wins at Australian Business Awards

31 Jul 2014 2 minutes

Two prizes at the Australian Business Awards highlight the ongoing need for innovation and fast-paced development.

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Expanding iBeacon: Beyond retail and the future of computing

29 Jul 2014 3 minutes

Apple has made a splash with iBeacon technology, and new investments show it may have a life beyond the retail industry.

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Barcode scanning on Google Glass – the future of retail?

23 Jul 2014 2 minutes

Ebay has released a Google Glass version of its popular RedLaser barcode scanning app. Will it be retail’s next big thing, or something else entirely?

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How will you survive structural transformation?

John Riccio 18 Jul 2014 8 minutes

The past several years have been defined by structural transformation. It’s about to happen again – are you ready?

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The Facebook “buy” button – seamless commerce on the way

18 Jul 2014 2 minutes

The concept of social media and ecommerce working together hasn’t formed seamlessly yet – a new Facebook option may change that.

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Eight trends driving digital innovation: Social platforms

John Riccio 07 Jul 2014 5 minutes

With or without you, social platforms will continue to shape the mindsets and preferences of customers.

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Facebook and breaking down the trust barrier

03 Jul 2014 2 minutes

Next-generation businesses rely on a level of trust between themselves and their customers – Facebook’s recent efforts show how it can go wrong.

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Apple’s HomeKit: First devices, now the ecocsystem

03 Jun 2014 3 minutes

Apple’s new HomeKit software was announced this morning – and it may raise more questions about the future of connected devices.

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