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Infographic: The mobile technology habits of Gen X vs Millennials

06 Feb 2015 45 seconds

In the battle between smartphones and tablets – what is the generational gap between Gen X and Millennials when it comes to mobile technology uptake and usage?

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Are you tuning into the real voice of your customer?

23 Jan 2015 5 minutes

Businesses that rely on outdated metrics such as the Net Promoter Score risk missing out on the insights generated by the customer’s authentic voice.

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Infographic: How to use the sharing economy to win big

John Riccio 23 Jan 2015 2 minutes

Interested in reaping the benefits of the sharing economy? Start by overturning dusty ideas about ownership, value and customer experience.

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Infographic: The retailer’s guide to Big Data

John Riccio 16 Jan 2015 1 minute

From well-worn challenges to long-haul goals, this handy infographic will help you bolster your Big Data strategy in 2015.

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GSISS 2015: Why retailers need a future-forward cybersecurity strategy

Steve Ingram 16 Jan 2015 5 minutes

Sub-par data governance and falling cybersecurity budgets have left retailers hoping to combat virtual crime more vulnerable than ever.

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Three wearable tech advances that are rewiring connected retail

John Riccio 10 Dec 2014 5 minutes

Wearable tech might bridge the gap between online and offline channels but it can also deliver an experience that customers won’t forget.

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Video: The Connected Retail Revolution

John Riccio 05 Dec 2014 54 seconds

Last week’s PwC Retail and Consumer Digital Breakfast showed businesses how to leverage the rise of connected retail to forge customer relationships that last.

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Infographic: Anatomy of a Connected Consumer

05 Dec 2014 1 minute

These days, delivering a compelling brand experience hinges on your ability to understand what makes the connected consumer tick.

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eBay’s new smart store is a win for connected retail

John Riccio 03 Dec 2014 2 minutes

eBay’s new offline venture is proof that connected retail will play a starring role in the future of shopping.

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