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Infographic: Wearable technology for the fashion-conscious consumer

Tan Allaway 04 Jun 2015 1 minute

Wearable technology is increasingly merging with items that were once the domain of the fashion industry, producing useful devices that tick the style box, too.

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Amazon drones to communicate with customers via smartphone, reveals patent

Tan Allaway 13 May 2015 4 minutes

As Amazon pushes forward with its plans to launch commercial delivery using autonomous drones, details are released about the scope of its technology.

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Retailers roll out applications for the connected car

John Riccio 11 May 2015 5 minutes

Consumers are demanding a seamless and convenient experience driven by digital technology. Connected cars are plugging into this opportunity, explains John Riccio.

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Report: Reshaping tomorrow’s operating model and metrics for Connected Retail

John Riccio 04 May 2015 5 minutes

Connected Retail will facilitate a fundamental change in the operating model and metrics of retail organisations. John Riccio discusses these changes and explores where retailers can start to move to a Connected Retail model, which will be underpinned by the characteristics of: disruption, engagement, digitisation and trust.

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How the connected car will steer the future

John Riccio 01 May 2015 8 minutes

By plugging into the internet, connected cars offer more than just a real-time map of traffic conditions. PwC’s Digital Change leader, John Riccio explores a future in which your vehicle becomes your office and your personal assistant.

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Smartwatches get a makeover with strategic alliances

Tan Allaway 30 Mar 2015 4 minutes

TAG Heuer’s announcement of a partnership with Intel and Google to produce a luxury smartwatch is a tale of our digital times. Luxury fashion and cutting edge technology now combine to stay ahead of the competition.

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It’s time – The role of wearables in connected retail

John Riccio 16 Mar 2015 6 minutes

With the launch of the Apple Watch, early adopters world-wide are eagerly waiting to get their hands on what has been heralded by the company as its ‘most personal device’ yet. Beyond being a cool new tech toy, what are the broader enterprise implications of wearables? John Riccio explores the role of these technologies in driving a connected retail model and shares where he sees the opportunities for retailers to utilise this ‘most personal’ device.

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Podcast: Aligning content marketing with your sales strategy

Nirosha Methananda 13 Mar 2015 47 seconds

What is a successful content marketing strategy? Nirosha Methananda outlines her tips for success and shares the benefits of aligning more closely with your sales department.

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Podcast: Connecting in the consumer for authentic content marketing

Nirosha Methananda 07 Mar 2015 49 seconds

Nirosha Methananda discusses how to leverage content marketing to promote your brand. With such a range of outlets at the disposal of businesses, is email marketing really dead?

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